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Play as a psychopathic office boss! Super Punt!

ESDF/Arrow Keys = Movement
Z or J = Kick
X or K = Jump
C or L = Megaphone "You're Fired!"
***** Special Move! *****
Down, Forward + Kick = Super Punt

1. Harass office workers as desired. When you're done with that..
2. Yell into the megaphone to threaten unemployment. Kick them around while they are on the floor begging for mercy!
3. Kicking employees while they're still down will keep them there longer.
4. Use the [ Designer Brand Super Punt ] while they're crying to literally kick them out of the building.
5. Super Punting crying workers into other crying workers will make them explode!

Whipped up as a solo entry (sans the chill bgm track) for Ludum Dare 33. Consider it a proof of concept, demo, WIP, etc. Have fun! The game + visuals were done by me and the music's done by my friend, Chris!

Published Aug 25, 2015
Tags2D, Ludum Dare 33, sprites