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Elevator Maximum for LD42
The LD42 Theme was  "Running out of Space." You're a normal dude that just wants to ride elevators and beat up people on the way. Get onboard before they're all filled up.

///// Controls /////
A and D: 
Move left and right
W: Enter an open elevator (Goes to next stage)
J: Mashy 3-Hit Combo
K: Electric Something Something Fist (Uses Meter)
I: Slow Enemies, Speed yourself up (Uses Meter)
O: Fast Forward, Speed up enemies and elevator arrival
S: Deactivates an active elevator (Rewards full meter + points)

///// Flow /////

  •  Enter an open elevator to go to the next stage.
  • If too many enemies walk into an elevator, it'll become unuseable.
  • You don't take any damage, but running out of available elevators in a stage will end the game.
  • The number of available elevators and wandering enemies are random per stage.
  • The chance of there being less elevators and more enemies will increase at higher stages.
  • With this build, there is no win condition so it's basically Endless Mode.

The gauge at the bottom is used for K and I . K will use up a specific amount while I  will drain the meter while you hold it down. Defeated enemies will drop coins; picking them up will replenish meter. When there are no more roaming enemies, your movement speed will increase, allowing you to quickly progress to the next stage. There's also an ultra-basic score system in place.



Music Credits:

Install instructions

Unzip the files into a folder and run the .exe to play.


ElevatorMaximum for LD42 12 MB
older version 12 MB